Service terms and conditions

We carry out all repair works related to Apple devices. Warranty repair work is carried out only in regard to products sold by Upgreat.

By bringing your device in for service, you agree with the service terms and conditions:

  1. You can pick up your device from service after you have paid the invoice.
  2. Devices that have suffered water, electrical, humidity and/or mechanical damage are serviced as paid work only and in the case of such damage it may happen that:
    2.1. during the service process, it becomes evident that the device has suffered damage to the extent that it cannot be repaired;
    2.2. the device becomes completely unusable during the repair process, which makes it impossible to return it to the customer in its former state;
    2.3. the device may exhibit new defects after being serviced, because it is impossible to determine the extent to which the device is damaged due to the aforementioned damage.
  3. Due to the nature of service, we cannot guarantee that customers’ data are preserved.
  4. Upgreat does not assume responsibility for problems that occur due to the normal wear of consumable parts (batteries) during servicing.
  5. Upgreat does not guarantee the preservation of any casings, protective glasses, films and stickers during servicing.
  6. Repair work and spare parts used therein are subject to 90-day warranty period.
  7. By sending their device by post or bringing it in for service at Upgreat, the customer understands and agrees with the service terms and conditions.

Ko klienti saka par mums

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NB! Microsoft ir atteicies no Internet Explorer attīstīšanas un tā atjaunināšanas, un drošības ievainojamības dēļ neiesaka izmanto šo interneta pārlūku. Internet Explorer vairs neatbalsta jaunos tīkla standartus, kā arī šis interneta risinājums šajā pārlūkā nestrādā korekti.